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I LOVE WHAT I DO, AND I DO IT DAMN WELL. WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT? I work hands-on with you EVERy step of your marketing journey because I care about your success.

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Kara de Schot is redefining the way creative design and marketing services are delivered to businesses. Not content with the traditional agency model of moving clients from one creative expert to the next, Kara stepped away from managing large agencies and created her own solution.

The concept? Have one EXPERT point of contact throughout your marketing journey that genuinely cares about how your business works and knows how to make your brand stand out.

Of course, Kara’s name was already synonymous with talented design and forward-thinking client service, with over a decade of experience behind her including spearheading Profile Magazine and launching What The Fox Creative.

With her own marketing studio, she now partners more closely with businesses to provide all their creative and marketing needs both online and offline over every platform; from strategy, branding, websites to social media management and email marketing.

Kara is your ace marketing partner. And social media partner, design partner, website partner and publishing partner. 

“I wanted to have my very own creative business where I can truly give back to help others realise their own dreams in business,” Kara says. “I go into people’s businesses with the intention of understanding how they operate and wanting to help. The greatest compliment I get is to have all my clients say ‘you absolutely GET me’.”

Marketing serves a purpose, which is keeping the business profitable and growing. If you don’t make money, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your branding is or how many followers you have on Instagram.

Kara de Schot

Kara knows that marketing is more than just making something look great. After all, a pretty logo or social media post won’t mean anything if a business isn’t making enough money to stay open.

Her point of difference is a hands-on approach: she works on all projects personally to achieve cohesive branding to meet your marketing objectives. And when it comes to getting your message out there, consistency is key. One point of contact also means greater flexibility, quicker turnaround times and lower costs.

While most business owners are experts in their individual industries, that doesn’t always translate to engaging social media posts, kickass digital campaigns, a clever brand refresh or nailed-it logo design. In a lot of cases, businesses understand they need something but are just not sure what, or where to even start.

And that’s where Kara comes in, with the ability to work with businesses as their one-stop creative and social media marketing partner, taking client concepts and bringing them to life… and them some.

Have a project in mind? Get in touch with Kara or call 0423 634 010.

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