Creative Direction

We ignite the spark between your audience and your brand.

Our team identify, analyse and develop powerful strategies to execute with both personality and precision for your brand’s creative direction. From campaign executions that pop to traffic-stopping activations and A-list launches, we create buzz-worthy moments that get your business noticed.

We design and create connected experiences.

We mix strategic and creative smarts with technical expertise so you stand out.

Strategic direction

First we listen to you. Then we research, analyse and evaluate, document, plan and strategise. We provide insights, ideas, creative directions, methods and outcomes.

Ability to Execute

Experience purposeful transformation at scale, with the speed your organisation needs to exceed modern consumer demands.

Real world experience

We create growth through rich insights, compelling strategy and deeper collaboration.

Real life case studies.

No fancy words, just real work and results, for real people.

Aussie Hats Online

During the height of COVID, an established quality headwear distributor that relied on live events to sell their product, asked Pixel Co to help them pivot to bring a new brand to the online space.

From marketing strategy workshops to photoshoot direction and building an online store and social media presence, we supported the team through all stages of ideation and production of their new creative direction.


A very successful entrepreneur approached Pixel Co with a vision to bring her passion project to life, in a way that supports commercial viability and offers advice on commercial viability.

Creative direction was given from forming the identity, and packaging through to social media advertising campaigns, this passion project is one to watch.

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