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Use Facebook Ads for Faster Recruitment

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Is your HR team struggling to get applicants  for your vacancies?

Imagine reaching the right candidate before they look for a job on Seek.

Linda Ireland
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Kara, Di and the whole team at Pixel & Co are first class.
Paula Gowland
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We absolutely love working with Kara and the Team at Pixel Co Creative and Marketing.
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Many thanks for sending across the concept for the Services detail page. This is looking absolutely fantastic, and you have nailed it! I am very pleased with the layout, look and feel.
Jacqui Kami
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It was a productive and informative first consultation. We were able to get our design ideas out and also get questions answered.

We all know the current labour market is tight. There are fewer applicants and more vacancies.

If you don't reach a candidate before they start looking on Seek, then your competitor will.

Why social media recruitment ads work...

Due to unprecedented low unemployment rates, coupled with fewer international candidates coming to Australia, we have a very tight job market.

E.v.e.r.y single business needs more staff. Just walk down the main street to see job vacancies on every window. You need to get smarter to find candidates BEFORE they start 'job hunting' on Seek.

Your HR team is likely doing all the regular things, posting on job boards, in Facebook groups, putting jobs on Linked In and Seek. And yet they have few and far between candidates coming through. 

We are working with Directors and HR teams to run continuous Facebook ads for their vacancies and we are finding two things…

1. People are seeing jobs that pique their interest, before they have even considered going job hunting.

2. People are being offered and getting jobs before they have even put together a CV.

So to throw your hat in the ring, you also need to find a way to attract talent, before they’ve started job hunting.

We’ve found that attracting enquiries from FB ads is a very cost effective way to do this. It is often at a MUCH cheaper cost than hiring a recruitment agency to help you out. 

We create Facebook and Instagram ads that get candidate enquiries.

How we create and manage Facebook adverts that generate applicants and get results.

We create an engaging advert.

We make sure your advert speaks to your potential candidate. The language and design hook people’s attention. We work with you to make sure the job offer itself is attractive.


We ensure your advert is reaches the right people.

We get your job advertisement in your potential candidates social media newsfeed. We can do this by demographic, interest and job title targeting. This is far more effective than waiting for a candidate to start to search out jobs.

We generate measurable results

We generate applicants from anywhere between $3 per applicant (real results for interstate truck drivers) to $40 per applicant (real results for a cabinet maker role in NT). Every week you will know exactly how many applicants your advert has generated and the cost per applicant. 

We do the heavy lifting. You relax.

Our recruitment process is designed to make things easy for you.

When candidates apply, you’ll receive an email notification and their details will be stored in a spreadsheet that you can easily access. We’re flexible and can adjust the applicant criteria based on your specific needs and circumstances.

We can ask applicants any questions you have before you speak with them, so you can eliminate any candidates who aren’t a good fit at an early stage of the process.

- Use Facebook Ads for Faster Recruitment
Allison Singleton
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Great communication and nice looking professional finish.
Molly Callaghan
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Fantastic to work with , organised and knowledgeable, a one stop shop that meets all our needs and expectations in terms of performance and importantly ethics.
Tammy Rilstone
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Cannot thank you enough. 5+ stars!
Chris Quinn
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Thanks Paul & Laura for all your hard work on this! Really happy with the results.
Sharon Fulwood
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You are amazing thank you!!!
Jacqui Kami
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You guys are magnificent, honestly, we have what's been in our hearts and minds for more than two years now! We are grateful.

Candidate flow from social media is different.

It's important to know a few things about running recruitment ads on social media...

1. Your aim is to lower the barrier to application, that means NO CV needed. That is going to mean...

2. Quantity of applicants will be higher, you will get more applicants because its easier to apply

3. Quality of applicants will be very mixed. Because you get more applicants there will be very low quality mixed in with the high quality. That is part of this process, but once you understand how it works, you will still want to use social media because you will still get the diamonds in amongst the rough.

Know your Return On Investment

At the end of each week we check in to let you know how many candidates you've acquired, at what cost. So its very transparent and measurable. This service works best if you can leave the ads on long term, so companies over 15 team members that are always wanting to recruit. As ads do learn over time and get better with age!

A team focused on results for you.

Sunshine Coast based, Pixel Co-Creative are not just Facebook advertisers, but a specialist team of marketing strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, social media and sales experts.

Your growth starts here kara deschot - Use Facebook Ads for Faster Recruitment

Find our more about how we can help you recruit. Request a quote now!

Request a free, no-obligation quote now from Pixel Co to run Facebook Ads that generate candidates for your business. We will respond within two working days. As part of the quoting process, we will conduct a free 30-minute discovery session to make sure we understand your business and show you how social media recruitment ads work.

Why choose Pixel Co to create and manage your Facebook recruitment adverts?

Sunshine Coast locals with
national reach.

Our headquarters are on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and we run social media advertising campaigns for national and international companies. Our specialist team of digital marketing experts, designers and copywriters are on-hand to ensure that the advertising campaigns we create for you are targeted, measurable and effective.

Any potential problem can be addressed immediately, any great new idea can be implemented quickly, and we can easily meet face to face or online.

sunshine coast locals

Our priority guarantee to you

You will get our dedicated (local) Facebook expert working on your project right away. You will get your Facebook Ads proofs within 10 working days from sign-up.

It's easy to get more job applicants with social media recruitment advertising from Pixel Co

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