Magazine Design

There will always be a place for print.

There's nothing like the tactile feel and smell of a freshly printed magazine.

With 8 years creatively directing a prominent glossy lifestyle magazine, Kara knows how to coordinate the strategy, photography, writing, design, print management and even distribution options for your magazine project. 

Partner with Pixel Co to ensure your publication is one that stays on the coffee table long after the pages have been read. 

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Magazine design and production taken to the next level.

Publication design and delivery is a large project, which needs experience and solid advice to mitigate risk.

Flatplan coordination

Managing layout and arrangement of 100-odd pages of copy, design and advertising, and coordinating a team of writers, designers, photographers, sales people and advertisers is a daunting task. A task that the team at Pixel Co take in their stride and are proud to have mastered over the past decade.


Designing high-quality graphics to suit your audience, word count, images, brand and advertisers is a skill in itself. Along with interviewing, writing and proofing feature stories, advertorials and advertisements, our team can take care of the whole process.

Print & Distribution

Printing tens of thousands of copies of magazines can be a stressful situation, it is advisable to work with a very experienced team that can mitigate your risk of financial loss or inferior printing. There are many different ways to distribute a magazine, advice from concept to delivery is part of our service.

Real life case studies.

No fancy words, just real work and results, for real people.

Lifestyle Plus Magazine

It was an absolute pleasure to bring this project to life for Gerontologist and positive ageing advocates, I Age Well.

From creative direction through to layout, print management and distribution advice, this publication is redefining what it means to age gracefully in Australia.

lifestyle magazine - Magazine Design

FoodMatters Annual

Team Pixel Co worked closely with one of the largest health and wellness companies in the world to design their annual coffee table publication. Bursting with organic hand drawn images and watercolour, paired with contemporary clean and fresh font and style made this a keepsake that complemented their brand perfectly.

fm magazine - Magazine Design

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