Pixel Co

The Team



Creative Director

Kara is the ultimate creative unicorn! She leads our marketing agency arm and is your first point of contact for any creative or marketing projects you need.

Offering a complimentary 30-minute strategy call here, she is able to walk you through every step of your marketing journey. Working with thousands of small, medium and corporate businesses in the past two decades, her calling card is her ability to translate tech-speak into easy to understand language, and to give honest advice on any aspect of your marketing needs.

She is fluent in social media management, marketing strategy, graphic design, website development, copywriting and digital marketing funnels. She leads a small team of very talented creatives to support her goal in helping her client’s businesses thrive.



Digital Coordinator

Our Digital Coordinator Jess is a master of digital integrations between softwares. Spending most of her day navigating ads manager, she is a whiz at the technical intricacies of FB and Instagram advertising campaigns, sales funnels, email automations and landing pages.



User Interface Designer

Our User Interface designer Steph is incredible with ensuring our websites are built ‘the right way’ in order to future-proof them as much as possible and to make sure they are as user friendly as possible for the client. Working on international mega brands in both graphic design and UI design, Steph brings a wealth of technical experience to our team.


Office Administrator

Our Office Ninja Paul takes project deadlines very seriously. To bring yin to the creative yan in the team he provides rock-solid office and administration management and keeps clients in the loop every step of the way. Proactive communication is a core value in our business, and updating clients every week on their project status is his thing!


Graphic Designer

Laura is a design queen! Her experience in crafting incredible brands that have a timeless feel AND keep their integrity over various on and offline applications sees her at the top of her field. She will ensure your brand stands out from your competitors and is polished across all of your marketing assets.