Facebook and Apple changes – what does it mean for Facebook advertising?

We never thought we would see the day Apple takes on Facebook. Alas, the time has come!  ⁠

If you advertise on Facebook, or it’s something you’ve considered, listen up. The upcoming changes can have a significant impact on your business if you aren’t prepared. 


When Apple users update their devices to iOS14, they will be required to provide information about their privacy preferences when using apps such as Facebook and Instagram. They can opt-out of being ‘tracked’ by these programs.⁠

There will be cowboys telling you Facebook ads won’t work anymore. We’re not into scaremongering. So, calm down and take some deep breaths…⁠


Facebook users will still be shown ads, but if they click on an ad, they may not get the subsequent ads from the same people (remarketing). This is the case IF they are an Apple user that has requested not to be tracked. ⁠


Facebook advertising is still going to be one of the cheapest forms of advertising (heck, if it’s anything like the start of covid – it may work even better if others jump ship!) Watch this space!⁠

BUT, if you rely heavily on retargeting for conversions, you’ll need to rethink your strategy. Everyone’s top of funnel ads will need to be on point. ⁠


This where we get creative folks! As Facebook Marketers, we have made it our bread and butter to find dynamic ways to reach your ideal customers. Facebook is always changing the game and we are well versed in riding the rollercoaster!⁠

If you’re advertising on Facebook or thinking about it in 2021, make sure you choose an agency that isn’t burying its head in the sand and knows what’s up!⁠

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