Social Media – Helpful Or Harmful In Business?

Social media could be considered a drug that some may argue should be on the black market; whilst others will sing its praise and have made a fortune being a full-blown addict. Social media influencers are a perfect example of monetising a social platform using their personal brand!  This world of ‘influencers’ may taint your […]

Is Social Media Marketing Immortal?

To live a long and fruitful life, we need to consider our health, be fluid and adaptable and feed our souls through connection with ourselves and others. The longevity of social media operates on these frequencies as well.  People now want to be met where they are. People no longer only respect or purchase a […]

The Importance of an Intuitive UX Design

A website that is an intuitive UX design is one that looks like it hasn’t had hours upon hours of design preparation. Think Beyonce’s ‘I woke up like this’ vibes. Effortless, seamless and is a pleasure for visitors to navigate and get what they want from it. We live in a world where everyone wants […]

How Will a Social Media Strategy Help Your Business?

Brands are now, more than ever becoming humanised through personality and connection. Just like a human; a brand has values, an identity and a tone of voice. A brand needs to be so confident in its itself and communicate in a way that consumers feel is authentic.  Social media is a great way to convey […]

A Quality Website Can Make Or Break Your Business

As website designers, we understand this so deeply, which is why we are so passionate (maybe a little OTT) about creating the highest quality websites for our clients!  From inception to maintenance, our team is with you every step of the way and BONUS, we won’t leave you hanging once it has been built. We […]

Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Reels – Is this something I need to know?

Are you finding it hard to understand the difference between Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Reels? It can be a tough gig keeping up with the newest social media trends, but that’s why we’re here to help. Let’s dive right in and get to the bottom of these features. Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories first launched in […]

Facebook and Apple changes – what does it mean for Facebook advertising?

We never thought we would see the day Apple takes on Facebook. Alas, the time has come!  ⁠ If you advertise on Facebook, or it’s something you’ve considered, listen up. The upcoming changes can have a significant impact on your business if you aren’t prepared.  WHAT IS CHANGING? When Apple users update their devices to […]

Top 5 Social Media Tips for Trade Businesses

Trades person social media low

Do you own a trade based business, and want to know how social media has the power to exponentially grow your business, particular to your industry? It can be a tough slog keeping up with social media when you’re busy running your business. Carving out time to figure out how it all works, where and […]

7 things to consider before you DIY your own website

Man deciding if to build a website

Are you looking to build a new website for your business, but are unsure where to start? Maybe you’re deciding on whether you will go it alone, or if you will need to outsource so you can ensure it’s done the right way, faster. Here’s a few often missed details to consider when deciding whether […]

Rebranding: The Need-To-Knows.

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New Year. New Decade. New Branding. You’ll probably heard that we’ve had had an image adjustment. Well, I’m sending a big hello as the owner of Pixel Co. Creative & Marketing; the new Kara de Schot creative marketing agency. It is the beginning of a new year (happy new year!), and a brand-spanking-new decade; Welcome […]