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POV Interning at Pixel Co

Marketing Internships help to gain valuable experience, and start your portfolio

As a university student preparing to enter the real world, you may have heard the saying, “it’s about who you know, not what you know,” when looking for the next opportunity to gain experience and start your career journey. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to do a marketing internship and observe working life at Pixel Co after a family friend recommended I send an email of interest to the CEO of this incredible company.

The Benefits of Interning

Undoubtedly,  interning is a great opportunity to gain insights into an industry you are passionate about or simply just want to explore. Internships can help you gain valuable work experience for future roles you may be interested in. They can introduce you to many elements of what full-time employment may feel like, whilst still having the flexibility to explore other interests. Internships can increase motivation and give a new perspective. You cannot put a price on experience.

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My Personal Experience & What I’ve Learnt

During my time at Pixel Co, I have learnt many valuable lessons. I was welcomed into the team and given a very organic experience of what working as an employee would feel like in a marketing agency.

  •  I met the team and gained an understanding on the different roles in the organisation
  • I sat in on the CEO’s WIFLE meeting with the team. I quickly learnt the agency values the wellbeing and connections between their staff, which is so important in this busy day and age
  • I worked through induction videos to gain an understanding of the company’s values, mission and daily tasks
  • I created social media tiles for two clients of the company
  • I learnt how to schedule posts using Loomly
  • I was introduced to software tools that assist email automation
  • I was taught how to create a GIFF in Photoshop for a company’s email newsletter visual
  • I learnt the importance of productivity. I had an introduction to Clockify, which helps manage one’s time
  • I made an Instagram reel for the company
  • I started Google Digital Garage and Meta Blueprint learning online

I had a one-of-a-kind experience at Pixel Co as an intern. I encourage anyone considering interning to seize any opportunity you get! Your future self will treasure what you learn! Thank you, Pixel Co, for allowing me to experience life inside a dynamic marketing agency. I am extremely grateful.

–  Olivia Nicholls (3rd-year Business degree student, majoring in marketing)

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