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Social Media – Helpful Or Harmful In Business?

Social media could be considered a drug that some may argue should be on the black market; whilst others will sing its praise and have made a fortune being a full-blown addict. Social media influencers are a perfect example of monetising a social platform using their personal brand! 

This world of ‘influencers’ may taint your view on the social media realm. However, most influencers and businesses are usually those who ‘do good’ in some way. 

A beautiful thing about social media is our ability to make CHOICES on who we follow. The algorithms on social media allow us to actively curate our feed is filled with. Follow girls who only post ‘What I Eat In A Day’ reels and that is what you are going to get. Follow footy reporters or athletes and you’ll be up to date with all things sport related. 

This is why being present on socials is such a powerful tool for your business and why you should absolutely embrace it. The platforms allow you to specifically target who you want to. Who will be interested in your offering? 

Our Pixel Co Creative social media team are savvy social marketers. We curate relevant content for our clients consistently and in line with the behavioural patterns of target markets and industry trends. 

People resonate with content that feels exciting yet familiar to them. Consumers need to trust a brand (or person) and we help you to build that. 

Social media will continue to evolve and people will continue to be drawn to other people and be able to share their own experiences and thoughts. 

Another very positive aspect of this form of media is the ability to cross borders and close distances between one another. We are now shifting towards a more connected and soulful version of this social space -if you choose to view it that way.  

Think more real-time interaction through question polls, live masterclasses and music events! Videos that challenge the ideals of beauty by juxtaposing filtered versions with ‘real’ and true humans and viral workout reels that get a nation onto their feet – moving their bodies. 

If you have been feeling apathetic about the way of the world and this ‘keep up or lose out’ reality, allow us to shift your perspective to see how incredibly wonderful these platforms can be. 

We can make your business THRIVE and COME ALIVE with an effective and aligned strategy. If you’re unsure if your business can benefit from social media, then reach out to us today.

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