A Quality Website Can Make Or Break Your Business

As website designers, we understand this so deeply, which is why we are so passionate (maybe a little OTT) about creating the highest quality websites for our clients! 

From inception to maintenance, our team is with you every step of the way and BONUS, we won’t leave you hanging once it has been built. We love to use WordPress and Shopify platforms, customised to create a unique design exclusive to you. No cookie-cutter themes here!

Why do we care so much about WHAT your website looks like and how well it works? Well, here are four reasons why it is so important to have a quality website:

  1. Brand positioning

A quality website promotes professionalism and trust from your consumer that you know what you are doing. Which is important. Especially if you are in a saturated industry such as hairdressing, accounting, legal, marketing, building, and beauty (oh hang on, they’re mostly saturated!). How can you stand out from your competitors? An epic website is a great place to start.

  1. Value adds

A website gives you the opportunity to create digital ‘gifts’ such as informative pdfs or e-books; music; meditations; calculators and other widgets that people may really enjoy! If you have a website that has a feature no one else has, then you’re a step ahead!

  1. Selling for you while you sleep

Think of your website as a very cheap (doesn’t demand an hourly rate) sales rep. While you are going about your day and night, it is online, awake, and representing your business when you can’t. Once your website is up and running, and you have looked at or fixed any usability issues and made sure you have appropriate keywords to start ranking on Google; take a look at your Google Analytics and see just how many people are looking, reading, scrolling… it just may surprise you the heavy lifting your site is doing for your brand.

  1. Save time and have your website automate your manual tasks

Your website can indeed work for you. This could involve including a booking system on your website, an online store or a video providing information instead of having to relay it individually and in person. Expand your mind – this is the world wide web and anything is possible.

Conversely, the opposite can really hurt your business. Having a clunky, ugly, hard to use or slow site can simply make your competitors look good. So don’t lose customers by overlooking a key brand asset and potential silent team member.

Creating innovative websites is our happy dance, our ocean swim and our Cadbury twirl. So if you need a hand, contact our team today to see how we can help and book your free consult today.

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