The Importance of an Intuitive UX Design

A website that is an intuitive UX design is one that looks like it hasn’t had hours upon hours of design preparation. Think Beyonce’s ‘I woke up like this’ vibes. Effortless, seamless and is a pleasure for visitors to navigate and get what they want from it.

We live in a world where everyone wants everything now and quickly. Upon visiting your website, the user experience (aka UX) can make or break a few things:

  • Their feelings about your company
  • Their verbal and online reviews
  • Their customer satisfaction and likelihood to return
  • Their conversion from visitor to enquiry or customer.  

At Pixel Co Creative, we design websites first statically (in Adobe XD), with thought and planning as to the customer experience. Only after this customer experience and layout stage is complete, is the design then moved to development. 

Think about the last time you made a purchase or wanted some information online. After you performed a search and clicked on a seemingly appropriate site, how quickly were you able to find what you wanted? 

We live in a world where options are abundant and if a consumer becomes frustrated with your website, they will quickly search for the next option. 

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Tips for a great intuitive UX design:

  • The flow of elements with the highest priority is at top of the page
  • Actions (shop, call, book appointment) towards the top
  • Standard navigation elements are positioned intuitively to make the most of quick recognition and not make visitors think too hard (i.e don’t make it so ‘clever’ it’s hard to use!)
  • Effective calls to action are placed throughout the site (make it easy to take the next step!)
  • Each page has links to other pages, so people are encouraged to stay on the site for longer 
  • Responsive design for each screen size (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • Consistency in styles, colours, fonts, buttons
  • Reduce any redundant information, keep the layout as simple as possible
  • The website needs to feel fast for the user
  • Use sticky navigation for longer scrolling site
  • All buttons and links should have hovers.

Intuitive design is all about curating a product that is simple to navigate and comprehend with minimal instruction. 

We are passionate about designing websites that ‘just feel easy’ which in turn translates to a great user experience and higher conversions!

To enquire about an Intuitive UX website, contact us today.

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